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12312223 - play room in a white basement living room

Basements have many uses and Ray’s Construction & Remodeling knows this. One of the main uses for the basement is that it acts almost as a foundation for your home. If your basement starts to settle your home may develop cracks. It is always important to contact a professional when dealing with your basement. Basements are also used for other things such as storage is even as an addition to your Fort Collins home. Give us a call today and we will gladly discuss all the wonderful things a basement can do.





Room Addition
A basement may not look like much, it has concrete floors and ugly walls, but Ray’s Construction & Remodeling is able to transform your drab Fort Collins basement into an extra bedroom, den, man cave, or a reading area. The possibilities are endless and we work alongside you in choosing the paint colors as well as the flooring and structure. We are able to turn that boring basement into something you would never think. If you have an idea for an extra room and have a basement just sitting around, give us a call today. We promise we will spruce it up and make it into something unique just for you.